Sports & Remedial Massage

Sports Massage

A sports specific massage treatment can include :

  • Pre-competition massages which aid in warming and mobilising muscles to have you ready for your performance.
  • Post-competition/training massages will help to minimise the after-effects of a hard session/competition. Toxins can be removed, reducing the effects of stiffness and fatigue, maintaining muscle range and length and speeding up your recovery period.
  • Maintenance massages throughout the training season help to maintain or enhance performance and reduces the risk of injury or re-injury.

Remedial Massage

Rehabilitation massages promote recovery during and after an injury. A treatment can also include stretching and strengthening exercises specific to your sport.

Remedial Massage is a specialised form of massage aimed at alleviating muscle tension, releasing toxins and improving blood and lymph flow. It therefore aids recovery rate after injury, coping with chronic pain or improving overall performance. The treatment also provides a thorough assessment of joint and muscle movements which leads to a highly effective treatment for both acute and chronic conditions. It can be used as a tool to help release tired and sore muscles, or used to break down scar tissue, muscle adhesions and knots, help to re-educate posture or promote recovery from injury.

Kinseo Taping

Application of Rock Tape or kinesio tape to assist unloading muscle/tendon tension to different parts of the body can assist in continued training and performance.

Postural and Rehabilitation exercises and stretches can be accessed VIA PhysiTrack programs that can be emailed to support injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, poor postural awareness and general core strengthening.



30 Minute Session$50

45 Minute Session$75

1 Hour Session$95


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